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Supply Chain Management

On Time In Full Delivery, Right First Time


The degree of specialization will further increase after the 2020 strategies and so the number of service suppliers offering a competitive advantage in their particular area. A seamless supply chain has always been the goal, which has fallen far, instead we hope for digitilization to solve challenges we have been facing over the last decade and convert unpractical processes into digital but still inefficient processes. Are we ready to operate a business model that manages such a landscape?  What if harmonization is not yielding the expected results; in fact the opposite, it's diminishing the innovator's potential?

Get in touch with us to acquire guidance in following areas:

  • Vendor Due Diligence, Assessment & Selection, Monitoring, 3rd party liaison

  • Clinical Supply Chain Design, Planning and Execution (all phases)

  • Forecasting, IWRS, Manufacturing, Blinding, Packaging/Assembly, Labelling, Distribution, Returns

  • Review of clinical supply chain plans and advisory services

  • IT systems integration

  • Conflict resolution between Sponsor and Vendors

  • Neutral party to mitigate a potential "Man-In-Plant" situation

Whether tactical or strategic, clinical or commercial, we help to assess the current status and increase the Service Delivery experience.

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