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Supply Chain Management

 Small/Large Molecules and Cell & Gene Therapy products

The degree of de-centralization / localization will further increase driven primarily by the post-covid strategies (drug substance, drug product manufacturing) as well as unsustainable Cost of Goods in the Cell & Gene Therapy space.               A seamless end to end supply chain has always been the goal, and we have hoped for digitization to solve challenges the industry has been facing for a decade to ultimately convert geographically scattered, unpractical processes into digital but still inefficient supply chains. Are you ready to challenge the current operating model ?  

Get in touch with us to acquire guidance in following areas:

  • Mergers/Acquisitions/Carve-Out of Plants

    • Project Leadership, PMO​

    • Change Management

  • Manufacturing

    • De-centralization, Network Strategy

    • Business Process Mapping (patient vs. drug journey)

    • From pre-clinical to clinical: Establishing a Clinical Supply Chain from scratch

    • First time Commercialization (eg. cell & gene therapy products)

  • In-/Outsourcing

    • Supplier Due Diligence, Assessment & Selection, Onboarding, Monitoring

    • Neutral party to mitigate a potential "Man-In-Plant" situation

  • Distribution

    • Logistics lanes/shippers/network: ambient, cold chain at 2-8°C, frozen and liquid nitrogen

    • Warehousing material flows (goods-in/-out, storage)

  • Staff

    • Interim Specialists (interim managers, specialized freelancers)​

Whether tactical or strategic, clinical or commercial, we help to assess the current status and increase the Service Delivery experience.

Get in touch with us to learn more

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